The 1999 NBA Draft was held on June 30, 1999 at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C.. It was the first draft in which four players from the same college were picked in the first round, with Elton Brand (1st selection), Trajan Langdon (11th), Corey Maggette (13th) and William Avery (14th) being selected out of Duke University. It is widely viewed as one of the best draft classes, with a total of nine future NBA All Stars being chosen.

Names in bold had been selected into All-NBA Team.

Round one

= All-Star
Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Elton Brand (PF) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls Duke-So.
2 Steve Francis (G) U.S. Flag Vancouver Grizzlies Maryland-Jr.
3 Baron Davis (PG) U.S. Flag Charlotte Hornets UCLA-So.
4 Lamar Odom (F) U.S. Flag Los Angeles Clippers Rhode Island-So.
5 Jonathan Bender (F) U.S. Flag Toronto Raptors (from Denver, traded to Indiana for Antonio Davis) Picayune HS (Picayune, MS)
6 Wally Szczerbiak (SF) U.S. Flag Minnesota Timberwolves (from New Jersey) Miami (OH)-Sr.
7 Richard Hamilton (SG) U.S. Flag Washington Wizards UConn-Jr.
8 Andre Miller (PG) U.S. Flag Cleveland Cavaliers (from Boston) Utah-Sr.
9 Shawn Marion (F) U.S. Flag Phoenix Suns (from Dallas) UNLV-Jr.
10 Jason Terry (G) U.S. Flag Golden State Warriors (traded to Atlanta) Arizona-Sr.
11 Trajan Langdon (SG) U.S. Flag Cleveland Cavaliers Duke-Sr.
12 Aleksandar Radojević (C) Template:FR-YUG Toronto Raptors Barton County JC (Kansas)-So.
13 Corey Maggette (SG/SF) U.S. Flag Seattle SuperSonics Duke-Fr.
14 William Avery (PG) U.S. Flag Minnesota Timberwolves Duke-So.
15 Frédéric Weis (C) Template:FRA New York Knicks Limoges (France)
16 Ron Artest (SF) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls (from Phoenix) St. John's-So.
17 Cal Bowdler (PF) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks (from Sacramento) Old Dominion-Sr.
18 James Posey (SG/SF) U.S. Flag Denver Nuggets (from Milwaukee via Phoenix) Xavier-Jr.
19 Quincy Lewis (SF) U.S. Flag Utah Jazz (from Philadelphia) Minnesota-Sr.
20 Dion Glover (SG) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks (from Detroit) Georgia Tech-So.
21 Jeff Foster (PF/C) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks (traded to Golden State) Southwest Texas State-Sr.
22 Kenny Thomas (PF) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets New Mexico-Sr.
23 Devean George (SF) U.S. Flag Los Angeles Lakers Augsburg-Sr.
24 Andrei Kirilenko (F) Template:RUS Utah Jazz (from Orlando) CSKA Moscow (Russia)
25 Tim James (SF) U.S. Flag Miami Heat Miami (FL)-Sr.
26 Vonteego Cummings (PG) U.S. Flag Indiana Pacers Pittsburgh-Sr.
27 Jumaine Jones (SF) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks (from Portland via Detroit) Georgia-So.
28 Scott Padgett (PF) U.S. Flag Utah Jazz Kentucky-Sr.
29 Leon Smith (PF) U.S. Flag San Antonio Spurs Martin Luther King HS

Round two

Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
30 John Celestand (PG) U.S. Flag Los Angeles Lakers (from Vancouver) Villanova
31 Rico Hill (F) U.S. Flag Los Angeles Clippers Illinois State
32 Michael Ruffin (PF) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls Tulsa
33 Chris Herren (G) U.S. Flag Denver Nuggets Fresno State
34 Evan Eschmeyer (C) U.S. Flag New Jersey Nets Northwestern
35 Calvin Booth (C) U.S. Flag Washington Wizards Penn State
36 Wang Zhizhi (C) Template:CHN Dallas Mavericks Bayi Rockets (China)
37 Obinna Ekezie (C) Template:NGA Vancouver Grizzlies (from Boston) Maryland
38 Laron Profit (SG/SF) U.S. Flag Orlando Magic (from Golden State) Maryland
39 A.J. Bramlett (C) U.S. Flag Cleveland Cavaliers Arizona
40 Gordan Giricek (SG) Template:CRO Dallas Mavericks (from Toronto) Cibona Zagreb (Croatia)
41 Francisco Elson (PF) Template:NED Denver Nuggets (from Seattle) California
42 Louis Bullock (G) U.S. Flag Minnesota Timberwolves Michigan
43 Lee Nailon (SF) U.S. Flag Charlotte Hornets TCU
44 Tyrone Washington (C) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets (from Phoenix) Mississippi State
45 Ryan Robertson (G) U.S. Flag Sacramento Kings Kansas
46 J.R. Koch (F) U.S. Flag New York Knicks Iowa
47 Todd MacCulloch (C) Template:CAN Philadelphia 76ers Washington
48 Galen Young (G) U.S. Flag Milwaukee Bucks Charlotte
49 Lari Ketner (C) U.S. Flag Chicago Bulls (from Detroit via Atlanta) UMass
50 Venson Hamilton (C) U.S. Flag Houston Rockets Nebraska
51 Antwain Smith (F) U.S. Flag Vancouver Grizzlies (from L.A. Lakers) St. Paul's (VA)
52 Roberto Bergersen (G) U.S. Flag Atlanta Hawks Boise State
53 Rodney Buford (SG) U.S. Flag Miami Heat Creighton
54 Melvin Levett (G) U.S. Flag Detroit Pistons (from Indiana) Cincinnati
55 Kris Clack (G) U.S. Flag Boston Celtics (from Orlando via Denver) Texas
56 Tim Young (C) U.S. Flag Golden State Warriors (from Portland) Stanford
57 Manu Ginóbili (SG) Template:ARG San Antonio Spurs Viola Reggio Calabria (Italy)
58 Eddie Lucas (G) U.S. Flag Utah Jazz Virginia Tech

Notable undrafted players

All players are Americans unless otherwise indicated. Bell is a U.S. citizen by birth (as are all other natives of the U.S. Virgin Islands), but is classified as an "international" player by the NBA.

Player School/Club Team
Chris Andersen (PF) Blinn College
Raja Bell (SG, Template:VIR) Florida International
Jermaine Jackson (SG) Detroit
Milt Palacio (PG/SG) Colorado State
Eddie Robinson (SG/SF) Central Oklahoma

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