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Celtics-Lakers Rivalry is an NBA rivalry and maybe the most intense in sports. The rivalry was at it's peak in the 1980's when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were in the

league. They have met 12 times in the NBA Finals, Boston winning 9 and the Lakers winning 3. They also have a combined 33 championships and the overall regular series

record is 152-120, with Boston leading and the two franchises meeting 272 times in the regular season.

NBA Finals

Year Winner Results
1959 Boston 4-0
1962 Boston 4-3
1963 Boston 4-2
1965 Boston 4-1
1966 Boston 4-3
1968 Boston 4-2
1969 Boston 4-3
1984 Boston 4-3
1985 Los Angeles 4-2
1987 Los Angeles 4-2
2008 Boston 4-2
2010 Los Angeles 4-3


Bird and Magic

Bird and Magic Era

When Larry Bird of the Celtics and Magic Johnson of the Lakers met, the rivalry became that much intenser. In the 80's the Celtics and Lakers met 3 times in the finals. The rivalry

became worn down by the 1990's when both teams were in a slump with Magic Johnson leaving in 1992 and Bird in 1993, the teams didn't meet in the finals until 2008. The Lakers became

a title contender, winning 3 titles in a row and creating a dynasty while the Celtics suffered a few lackluster seasons until they met in 2008.

2000's and Beyond

The rivalry didn't become intense again until 2008 when the Celtics won in 6 games. The Celtics lost to the Magic in 2009. In 2010 they went to a nail biting Game 7 with the Lakers winning 83-79 in Game 7. They haven't met since then.

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